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Willoughby Hills Residents:  Click here to see the illustration that was prepared by the Building and Service Departments to highlight the homeowner's responsibilities with respect to utility lines, sanitary and storm sewer lines, improvements and other features outside of your house.  It addition, it give information about the Right-of-Way on properties.  Just like the roof or siding on your house, you should make sure that you are properly maintaining these lines and improvements, and prepare for their replacement when they reach the end of their useful life.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Service Department at (440) 975-3550 if you have any questions about your responsibilities.


 Snow Plow Image

*All Snow Plow Contractors MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE CITY (New for 2022-2023)
*All Primary and secondary roads are highlighted on the four (4) snow plow route maps below.
*All state routes and main thoroughfares are considered primary roads and are the #1 priority.  These
 roads include SR 91 (SOM Center Road), SR 6 (Chardon Road), SR 174 (River Road), Worrell Road,
 Rogers Road, White Road, Eddy Road, Rockefeller Road, SR 84 (Bishop Road), and Maplegrove Road. 
*The secondary road (side streets) will be taken care of when the snow lets up or weather permits.
*Please be sure to tell your snow plow contractor to not push snow across any street, or leave snow in
 the street.
*If the City plow hits a mailbox, we will fix it.  Please contact us right away.  If the post is rotted & falls over
 from snow, we will not replace the mailbox or post.  This will be determined by the Road Supervisor.  It is
 the resident's responsibility to check their mailbox on an annual basis. Snow plow shields can be
 installed by the resident.

2022-2023 Snow Plow Maps
Click here for the Northeast Snow Plow Map
Click here for the Southeast Snow Plow Map
Click here for the Northwest Snow Plow Map
Click here for the Soutwest Snow Plow Map

Just a reminder: Be sure to use caution when passing road crews.
Driving slowly really does save lives.

Sanitary Sewer Tie-In

For those residents converting to sanitary sewers, or for new construction, be sure to call the Service Department before construction begins. We'll schedule you for an important dye test, required by the Lake County Health Department. The dye test is free, and is generally scheduled in the morning. Call us at (440) 918-8740.

To email the Service
Department, click here: