Zip Codes

The City of Willoughby Hills shares two zip codes: 44094 (East) and 44092 (West).  After years of working with officials from the U.S. Post Office, the City is now listed in the USPS (United States Postal Service) database in both the 44092 and 44094 zip codes.   (Previously, only the names of Wickliffe (44092), or Willoughby, Waite Hill, and Kirtland (44094) were permitted for use in these areas and, technically, the words “Willoughby Hills” were not acceptable in either zone.)  Although this does not equate to having our own zip code, it’s the next best thing and is the best that can be achieved under current Postal Service Regulations.  

Note that mail must still contain the correct zip code (either 44092 or 44094, based on the location within the City), in order to be delivered properly. 

For more information on mailing zip codes, see: