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City Council

The City Council of the City of Willoughby Hills consists of seven members.  Three are assigned to districts (District #1 - East, District #2 - West, and District #3 - Central), and four serve the entire area of the City (at-Large).  As the legislative branch of the city's government, Council's primary job is to create and adopt laws for the municipality. Council also approves the spending of taxpayer's monies, as executed by the Administration.
The Council is further broken down into committees with oversight in various specialized areas of responsibility.  These committees are as follows: Finance, Personnel Relations, Planning and Zoning, Recreation, Rules & Legislation, Safety, Service, and Utilities.  Ad-Hoc committees are also formed when Council deems it necessary to oversee specific areas that are not included in the above classifications.

Council meets at 7:00pm on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, except the month of August during which there no Regular Meetings scheduled.   Special Meetings and Committee Meetings may be called  based upon demand.