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The following information is provided for our Willoughby Hills residents to clarify your right to choose a provider for electric and gas service to your home.

Under Ohio law, local governments may band together into an aggregation, or buying group. Willoughby Hills is a member of the aggregate known as NOPEC (Northern Ohio Public Energy Council). Since our city is a NOPEC community, Willoughby Hills’ residents are automatically enrolled, unless you choose not to be by completing an "Opt Out" form. This means that all eligible customers become part of the buying group unless they take specific action to opt out of the aggregation. Opt-out notices are sent to every eligible natural gas consumer every two years, giving him or her this option. Electricity customers receive opt out notices every three years.

The gas supplier currently chosen by NOPEC is Next Era Energy Services (phone: 1-855-667-3201). Residents have a chance to select the fixed rate of $2.61 per mcf. This is the current rate as of October 20, 2016. Normally, the rates are readjusted every few months. It is best to call NOPEC at 1-888-848-7914 to confirm the current pricing. They also offer a variable rate that would fluctuate from month to month and is currently $2.88 per mcf as of October 20, 2016.

Comparison rates for all supplies may be found on the NOPEC website (www.nopecinfo.org). For NOPEC’s plan, there are no sign up fees and no early termination fees.

Again, the phone number to reach NOPEC about the City’s gas aggregation is 1-888-848-7914. If you do not want to stay in NOPEC, you can Opt Out by filling out the form and then signing on with a supplier you may choose. You can see the choices of various suppliers by referring to the apples to apples comparison chart. Please remember to verify if your rate will be "fixed" (the same all of the same), or "variable" (changing from month to month). Also, make sure to inquire about "early termination fees" since many of the other suppliers make you pay a "penalty" for terminating your agreement before the agreed upon time.

The electric supplier currently chosen by NOPEC is First Energy Solutions. Pricing varies by customer due to usage and variables such as electric homes. The phone number to reach NOPEC about this supplier is 1-800-292-9284.

Please remember that each consumer is free to make his own decision regarding electric and gas suppliers. In terms of pricing, consumers should be wary of "gimmicks" and "giveaways" in which short-term savings are promised, with no long-term guarantees of continued savings. For natural gas customers, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) publishes an "apples to apples" comparison chart available at www.puco.ohio.gov.

Please feel free to call Mayor Weger’s Executive Assistant Gloria Majeski at 440-918-8730 if you have any further questions.

Update 10/20/16