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2017 Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Audios

Regular Council Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7:00pm except for the month of August when Council is in recess.   If required, Special Meetings may be called.

Click on pdf links for the Agenda, Minutes, and Audio of each meeting.
1 of 1.pdf      01/12/2017.pdf
01/26/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf 01/26/2017.pdf
02/09/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf 02/09/2017.pdf
02/23/2017.pdf 1 of 2.pdf            2 of 2.pdf 02/23/2017.pdf
03/09/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf 03/09/2017.pdf
03/23/2017.pdf 1 of 2.pdf                2 of 2.pdf 03/23/2017.pdf
04/13/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf 04/13/2017.pdf
04/27/2017.pdf 1 of 2.pdf            2 of 2.pdf 04/27/2017.pdf
05/11/2017.pdf 1 of 2.pdf            2 of 2.pdf 05/11/2017.pdf
05/25/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf 05/25/2017.pdf
06/08/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf 06/08/2017.pdf
06/22/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf 06/22/2017.pdf
07/13/2017.pdf 1 of 2.pdf               2 of 2.pdf 07/13/2017.pdf
07/27/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf  07/27/2017.pdf
08/13/2017.pdf 1 of 2.pdf         2 of 2.pdf 08/13/2017.pdf
08/14/2017.pdf 1 of 2.pdf               2 of 2.pdf 08/14/2017.pdf
09/14/2017.pdf Large File - Request CD 09/14/2017.pdf
09/28/2017.pdf 1 of 2.pdf             2 of 2.pdf 09/28/2017.pdf
10/12/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf 10/12/2017.pdf
10/26/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf  10/26/2017.pdf
11/09/2017   CANCELLED
11/22/2017.pdf 1 of 1.pdf 11/22/2017.pdf
11/23/2017   THANKSGIVING
12/14/2017.pdf                                                               CANCELLED
12/19/2017.pdf 1 of 2.pdf                2 of 2.pdf 12/19/2017.pdf
12/28/2017                                                           CANCELLED