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Become a Member of Council

Although it can be gratifying, holding a position as Council a member represents a serious commitment to your community.  Obviously, members are expected to attend two council meetings per month.  They must also manage the business of their assigned committees and attend those meetings, as well.  Members must understand and be capable of researching legislative issues and be capable of expressing themselves on behalf of their constituents.

Before deciding to pursue a council position, interested citizens should routinely attend council meetings and consider starting their involvement by volunteering for a position on a city board or commission.  Conferring with an existing Council Member or the Mayor is a good way to obtain more information about the process of running for office in the city.

As outlined in our City Charter, Council candidates must have continuously resided in the city for one year prior to their election or appointment.  The filing requirements for council elections are administered by the Lake County Board of Elections and they can provide interested parties with more information about how to run for elected office. 

More details regarding the City Council are specified in Article III of the City Charter, which can be viewed by clicking here.