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Here are some downloads and links to various resources that you may find useful.  If you would like to see other information included or if a link is not working, please contact us.

Lake County COVID Information & Updates

CDC COVID-19 One-Stop Shop Toolkits

American Heart Association (AHA) - Heart.org

American Red Cross - Redcross.org

Animal Emergency - WH Animal Hospital  /  MEDVET Cleveland NE (24/7)

Animal Rescue - Kevin P. Clinton Wildlife Center (Penitentiary Glen)

Apartment Residents - Apartment Fire Safety

Building Code - Ohio

Building Department - Lake County

Calling 9-1-1 - Your Guide to Calling 9-1-1

Children Injury Prevention / Car Seats  -  University Hospitals RB&C

Cleveland Metroparks - North Chagrin Reservation  /  Smartphone App

CPR - CPR.heart.org

CPR Classes (Local) - Layperson  /  Healthcare Provider

Crime Lab - Lake County

Crisis Hotline - Lake County Suicide Prevention Coalition  /  440-953-8255

Cuyahoga County Airport - KCGF  /  AirNav  /  SkyVector

Disaster Preparedness - Ready.gov  /  Lake Co. EMA

Disposal of Household Waste - Lake County Solid Waste District  /  (2018)

Disposal of Household "Sharps" - Ohio EPA  /  SafeNeedleDisposal.org

Disposal of Smoke Alarms - USPS.gov

Emergency Management Agency (EMA) - Lake County  /  Ohio  /  FEMA

Environmental Protection Agency - Ohio  /  Federal

Fire Code - Willoughby Hills  /  Ohio (2017)

Fire Service Organizations - IAFC  /  IAFF  /  NFFF  /  NOFF  /  OFCA  /  OAPFF

Geographic Information System (GIS) - Lake County

Go Right For Sirens & Lights - 911ready.org

Health Department - Lake County  /  Ohio  /  Federal

Health & Human Services - Lake County 2-1-1

Heroin Addiction - Lake County Opiate Task Force


Home Fire Safety - Checklist (USCPSC)

Home Fire Safety - Checklist (NFPA)

Home Fire Safety - Checklist 3 (FEMA)

Home Fire Safety - Prevent Kitchen Fires

Homeland Security - Ohio  /  Federal

Kids' Fire Safety  -  Coloring Book

Kids' Fire Safety - Home Fire Safety Checklist

Kids' Fire Safety - Sparky.org

Lake Metroparks - Gully Brook Park  /  Pleasant Valley Park

Mercury Spills - Ohio EPA

National Fire Protection Association - NFPA

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration - NHTSA

National Weather Service - NWS Cleveland

Ohio 9-1-1 Program Office - 911.ohio.gov

Ohio Department of Public Safety - ODPS  /  Ohio Division of EMS

Ohio Department of Transportation - ODOT District 12

Ohio Fire Marshal - Department of Commerce

Open Burning - Ohio EPA

Open Burning - WHFD 1  /  WHFD 2

Prescription Drug Drop-off Sites - Lake County  /  (WHPD)

Project Child Safe (Firearms Safety) - Projectchildsafe.org

Prosecutor's Office - Lake County

Public Education - NFPA.org

Public Safety UAS  -  NCPSU

Reverse 9-1-1 (Lake Co.)  -  WENS

Safe Haven for Newborns - Ohio Job & Family Services

Severe Weather Awareness - Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness

Slow Down & Move Over - ODOT

Smoke Alarms - Check The Date

Stop the Bleed - Bleedingcontrol.org

Traffic Info - ODOT OHGO Real Time Traffic

United States Fire Administration - USFA

Urban Search & Rescue Task Force - Ohio Region 2

Utilities  -  Gas  /  Electric  /  Water  /  Hydrant Flushing

Wash Your Hands - Stop the Spread of Illness

Weather-Ready Nation - NWS


Links suggested by our viewers!

AlertFind  -  Fire Prevention & Safety  (Thank you to Charlotte, a student at OLSCA!)

Asbestos Exposure Compensation - Financial Aid for Asbestos Victims

Drug Rehab Connections - DrugRehabConnections.com

The Recover  -  Suicide Prevention Checklist  (Thank you to Jason, concerned suicide prevention educator)

Areavibes  -  Fire Safety For Kids  (Thank you Pia)

Mesothelioma.net  -  Asbestos Safety Resource  (Thanks to the team at mesothelioma.net)

Austin Real Estate  -  Carbon Monoxide Safety + Preventing Kitchen Fires  (Thank you to the students of ESL Language Center in Washington)

Asbestos.com  -  Firefighters and Asbestos Exposure  (Also brought to us by Mesothelioma.net)

Asbestos.net  -  Asbestos and Firefighters  (Thank you Mesothelioma Justice Network)

Mesothelioma Guide  -  Firefighters and Mesothelioma  (Thank you Melissa)

Rehabspot.com - Benefits of Rehab  (Thank you to Alex)

HVAC.com - Accidental Household Heating Fires  (Thank you Megan)

Therecoveryvillage.com - Ohio Resources  (Thank you Carlos)

Consumersafetyguide.com - Consumer Safety  (Thank you Alison)

Columbusrecoverycenter.com - Recovery Village Columbus  (Thank you Sara)

Preparednessguide.org - Post-Disaster Resources + Picking Up the Pieces + Salvaging Possessions (Thank you Natalie)

Pharmaquotes.com - Rx Medication Disposal Guide  (Thank you Cathy)

Knowyourdna.com - Can DNA Predict Addiction  (Thank you Donna)

Moderncastle.com - Flood Preparation & Recovery Guide  (Thank you Denstinie)

Newmouth.com - Oral Health Basics  (Thank you Audrey)

Sokolovelaw.com - Mesothelioma Lawsuits (Thank you Samantha)

Singlecare.com - Medication Disposal  (Thank you Sarah)

Addictiongroup.org - Addiction Resources  (Thank you Sarah)

VisionCenter.org - Eye Care & Health  (Thank you Danielle)

Alcoholrehabhelp.org - Preventing Alcohol Abuse  (Thank you Michelle)

Preparednessguide.org - Preparedness Guide  (Thank you Natalie)

Llmedico.com - Caring For Aging Parents

Saniflowdepot.com - Bathroom Modifications Seniors/Disabled

Boilerheating.co.uh - Preventing Kitchen Fires  (Thank you Simon)

Alcoholrehabguide.com - Alcohol Rehab  (Thank you Caitlin)

Sobernation.com - Sober Nation WH  (Thank you Tim)

Sokolovelaw.com - Firefighting Foam  (Thank you Keith)

Arashlaw.com - Car Seat Safety  (Thank you Maria)

Alcoholhelp.com - Alcoholism Warning Signs  (Thank you Taylor)

Thesnoozle.com - Sleeping With Disabilities  (Thank you Cindy)

Addictionresources.net - Addiction Resources  (Thank you Sara)

Onlinemswprograms.com - Addiction Recovery & Isolation  (Thank you Jesse)

Homeadvisor.com - Preventing Kitchen Fires  (Thank you Katherine & Jacob)

Bankrate.com - Hot Car Safety  (Thank you Lauren)

Delphihealthgroup.com - Addiction Treatment  (Thank you Emma)

Greenmountaintreatmentcenter.com - Alcohol Abuse & Binge Drinking  (Thank you Carlos)

Greenmountaintreatmentcenter.com - Alcoholism During COVID  (Thank you Carlos)