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Emergency Preparedness

In the midst of rushing through everyday life, it's important to take a minute or two to prepare for emergencies. Being prepared helps you and your family minimize the impact of a disaster such as a hurricane or an emergency such as a broken leg.

The best way to make your family and your home safer is to be prepared before disaster strikes.

Get a Kit

  • Build a disaster supplies kit that includes enough supplies for each family member for three days. Remember to check your kit every six months.

Make a Plan

  • Make a family communications plan that includes an evacuation plan and coordinates with your school, work and community communication plans. Practice this plan with your entire family.

Be Informed

  • Know what may happen and how you can help
    • Learn what disasters or emergencies may occur where you live, work and play and how they can affect you, your family and community
    • Identify how authorities will notify you and how you will get important information
    • Learn what you can do to prepare by contacting your local chapter of the American Red Cross to ask about first aid, CPR and disaster training
    • Share what you have learned


  • Download the award-winning Masters of Disaster® disaster preparedness curriculum, which is designed to teach children how to prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters and other emergencies

For more information, go to the American Red Cross website: click here

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